Vote No On Road Tax

I concur with the view that Michigan's roads have been neglected and need significant improvements. I also support the need to find money to fix them. What surprised me is that our Republican governor and Legislature agreed to a permanent sales tax increase to fund the projects.


Oppose Corporate Welfare

A letter to the editor: Like the Daily Press & Argus, I oppose government subsidies.

Government subsidies for the film industry are best described as corporate welfare. It is nothing more than politicians giving away taxpayers' hard-earned dollars to wealthy Hollywood elites.


Media Coverage Reversed

A letter to the editor: You chose to print an article about a satanic display on the state Capitol lawn on page one of your newspaper (Dec. 16, "Satanist holiday display coming to state Capitol")? And when a lawmaker chose to counter it, you print that article on page five


Streamline gov't

A letter to the editor: Our representatives and the governor in Lansing are being short-sighted in their never-ending quest for more tax revenue to fund road maintenance. I'd like to offer some alternatives for our folks in Lansing to consider.


Denby and Rogers say thanks

A letter to the editor: It is hard to believe that our six years as state representatives of Livingston County are coming to an end. We just want to say it has been an honor to serve you in the Legislature.


Mike Rogers Debt

A letter to the editor (LTE) of the Livingston Daily

Now that Mike Rogers is winding down his 14 years in Congress, let us not forget his biggest accomplishment: being part of the ruling elite that more than tripled the national debt.


United States Bill of Rights

Declaration of Independence